The Chic' Biker

The Chic’ Biker is a femme fatale whose mysterious and irresistible charms ensnare her audience 
by her alluring and dangerous sense of style and fashion.
She is a rider who longs to display her hypnotic couture on or off the motorcycle.
The Chic’ Biker is a rider who never compromises her freedom 
or her choices- especially with her clothing!

Please contact us to post your annual ride events here!

The Women's Freedom Ride 2018 is an "all" women motorcycle ride that will cross the country covering 23 states in 18 days.  Women can either rode the entire route or join in at any point.  All riders pay 100% of their own expenses as well worked in soliciting donations for the rides military charity.  

If you would like to be a part of the 2018 ride- please contact Karen Collins at [email protected] or call 704-267-4450.