The Chic' Biker

The Chic? Biker is a femme fatale whose mysterious and irresistible charms ensnare her audience 
by her alluring and dangerous sense of style and fashion.
She is a rider who longs to display her hypnotic couture on or off the motorcycle.
The Chic? Biker is a rider who never compromises her freedom 
or her choices- especially with her clothing!


Quotes I'm telling you they are the most comfortable riding boots I've ever worn! First time on they fit like a glove and no breaking in at all! They're the best, beat any of my Harley boots hands down and I've got plenty of those... (the ML #X93008-7500 Xelement Women's Performance Black Starling Leather Riding Boots) Quotes
Debbie Greenbaum Stanley
Best Boots Ever