The Chic' Biker

The Chic’ Biker is a femme fatale whose mysterious and irresistible charms ensnare her audience 
by her alluring and dangerous sense of style and fashion.
She is a rider who longs to display her hypnotic couture on or off the motorcycle.
The Chic’ Biker is a rider who never compromises her freedom 
or her choices- especially with her clothing!

The Chic' Biker motorcycle apparel and accessories

   We are a family of motorcycle enthusiasts.  With many years and many more miles of motorcycle riding, we understand the need for comfortable motorcycle riding clothes. 

   However, riding in comfort does not mean sacrificing style.

   It is our desire to offer you the best in comfort with a flare of fashion! 


     It would be our dream to provide 100% of our merchandise to be produced in the United States. But the reality is our homeland just isn't there "yet".  I am proud to say our items are 100% support for jobs right here in America.  The companies I work with are located in the U.S. and employ many citizens.  It is important to us to support America so that we will help build a strong economic foundation for American workers with jobs producing our products. 


     Our son, my brother, his wife and many other family members are military heroes and through them, we know the sacrifice needed to keep America strong and American Made!

     We want our items to not only make you feel good about how you look and ride, but feel good knowing when you buy one of our items, you are helping others here at home in America! 


     Please take a moment to view our store with unique items from jewelry, leather items, boots, goggles, jackets, t-shirts, riding shirts, travel bags to assorted motorcycle riding equipment!

     We appreciate your visit and supporting a small business in America!